What a pain in the neck

my friend Darcy Jones has a search engine problem
THIS is the story
Good news on-line can and will be traded on for as long as possible.. If you get a glowing review or a hugely flattering reference on-line,who wouldn’t exploit it for as long as possible…perhaps neglecting to point out the date of the reference,to keep it current…
However,if you are stuck with an adverse criticism it is ALSO there for ever it seems.
Long after the event to which it refers,the “search engine” finds and presents it as relevant and current knowledge.
..as far as the Local Gazette on-line is concerned Darcy is forever tainted as the “disgraced” Otseopath… forever accused as the incompetent.. Darcy took his supsension. ( a technicality of not providing an up front diagnosis survey?) and moved on, practising as an expert and effective Osteopath…
However,should someone in the area be looking on-line for effective treatment for back pain,possibly having been recommended to Darcy, and put, “Darcy Jones” and “Osteopath in the locality” into *search* they get a link to a damning ,vindictive sounding piece on a local paper’s web-site. The author sounds like he thinks he is unmasking the next Harold Shipman and or gunning for a job on the News Of The World or the Daily Mail!..
Well, the News Of The World no longer exists! and this nasty little piece need no longer exist either!
Darcy served his four month suspension,addressed the short-comings and bad practise that he was found guilty of,and moved on,having tightened up his diagnosis routine and patient pre-treatment survey practises.
This event occurred in 2009.. over THREE years ago. Darcy proceeded to treat many patients expertly and effectively ,bringing invaluable relief from pain,and improved quality of life…
Darcy is an enterprising person,and has other “strings to his bow” . He has spoken to me,and has a semi-pro “web-master” who works on his web-sites and on-line presence in general..but,of course the Local Gazette story is still there on line,possibly stymying his business.
When he approached the paper asking them if the “statute of limitations” had surely expired on this “story” , their response was tantamount to BLACKMAIL..they said they would take the reference down only if he took out several thousand pounds worth of advertising with them..(sounds like blackmail to me.)
What does the Local Gazette on-line POSSIBLY gain by leaving this out of date piece of information on it’s web-site? It was ONLY relevant to would be users of Darcy’s services as an Osteopath for the duration of the FOUR MONTH BAN in 2009!
They do not seem willing to comply with his reasonable request to remove the content . Maybe they feel that all the while they keep it that they have a bargaining chip to get some advertising revenue out of him?.. Indeed ,in the past Darcy has taken out full-page ads in the paper..but recently,partly due ,possibly to this adverse publicity ,Darcy cannot afford to pay for such advertising,and why would he anyway,after the contempt that he seems to be held in by the Gazette…
There are two-sides at least ,as they say, to every story.. i am NOT going to repeat any of what darcy told me about his “accuser” the plaintiff if you will,the “pain-stricken pensioner”
that the Gazette piece refers to…but,as i said,it would be no skin off the nose of the Gazette to remove this now Irrelevant piece of information about my friend Darcy.
So,what next?
A concerted effort of “good news” with a considerable “click rate” would push the article DOWN the listings..but how many articles and links and recommendations POST 2009 will it take to push it off the first page of results? and how long would that take? Maybe i should contact “anonymous” via twitter and request a “hack attack”? Ha Fuckin Ha

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